We are sorry, Mr. JL and Ms. Olivia!

Dear Mr. JL and Ms. Olivia,

We are so sorry because you had a not good experience at our spa on 31st December 2023. Because you did not leave any contact information on our body care form, hence we cannot contact you personally, so we would like to send our apologies to you here, we really hope that you will see this one day.

As we see, your 2 main concerns about our quality of service are:
1, The therapist’s skills do not meet your expectations.
2, Our therapists ask for tips after your service session is done.

To the first point, as you said, you stayed for a long time in Thailand and you got a lot of foot massages at many places there, the foot massage in Thailand is very different from the Vietnamese one so the Vietnamese style does not fit your expectation (because you got familiar with the Thailand style already), and we completely understand that everyone has their expectations when using our services, our ones may not be the style that someone expects so we cannot say more about this. Several customers were not satisfied with our service as you did, that’s the truth and we don’t want to hide that at all.

To the second point, this seems to be a misunderstanding due to a mishearing. At the end of your service session, our therapists tried to say “massage finish” to inform you that your service session is done, but maybe they pronounced the word “finish” incorrectly (they are bad at English and just know some basic phrases, their pronunciation is sometimes bad also) and you heard it as “massage tip”.

In the past, some of our customers got the problem also, we already identified it and worked with our therapists to replace “massage finish” with “massage is done”, but replacing a phrase that has been used widely (in many spas in the whole Da Nang) in many years is difficult to many people and they easily forget the new phrase sometimes.

The second point is our mistake and we are going to try our best to improve it as soon as possible.

Once again, we apologize for the not-good experience you had at Nón Spa, thank you very much for letting us know your feedback! We hope we have the opportunity to take care of you better in the future.