Nón signature massage
(Most loved)

Instead of normal massage, Nón Signature massage uses heated herbal bags to move on your body and combine forces to massage.

Vietnamese massage

This is a traditional therapeutic massage method of Vietnamese people, a unique combination of oil-free massage and oil-based massage, between rolling, muscle twisting, and acupressure.

Four hands massage
(Most special)

Four hands massage is a highly artistic method of therapy. The flexible, rhythmic movements of 2 therapists using four hands to massage sometimes strong, sometimes soft, and go deep into each muscle as well as acupuncture points.

Facial treatment

This is a combination of head massage, facial massage, and facial skin care to help you relax, relieve headaches and stress, and keep your facial skin bright & healthy.

Body scrub

Full body exfoliation is considered a supportive step to help remove dirt, bacteria and remove excess cells on your skin. It also accelerates your skin’s regeneration process, resulting in a smoother, more even skin tone and a healthier glow.

Welcome to NÓN SPa

The name and logo of "Nón Spa" were inspired by the Vietnamese conical hat ("Nón" or "Nón lá" in Vietnamese). In daily life, Vietnamese people use conical hats to cover the rain and sun when working outdoors, besides, conical hats are also used by people to cool themselves after hours of hard work. From the image and use of the familiar hat in every Vietnamese family, we built "Nón Spa" with the desire to create a place where everyone can stay in the present, dispel the aches and pains on the body and relieve the stress of daily life, which is sometimes too rushed.

Our promotions

1, 10% OFF for all services and packages in our happy hours (10:00 to 12:00)

2, 10% OFF for groups of 2-4 people, 15% OFF for groups of 5 or more people (all services and packages, +5% OFF in happy hours)

3, +10% OFF for customers who use a combination of 2 services, +15% OFF for a combination of 3 services (not applicable to steam bath and packages)

Discount for reservations in advance, free pick-up, and more ...

Our promotions

On the occasion of Nón Spa's first birthday anniversary, we are offering multiple promotions from 2nd July to 8th July 2024 🥳 as the following:

- A 15% discount for all services and packages. This can be applied in conjunction with daily promotions number 5, 6, and 7.

- Add 15 minutes of massage when customers order a full body massage service of 60 or 75 minutes, add 30 minutes of massage when customers order a full body massage service of 90 minutes. The additional time is free of charge.

- A 25% discount for all services and packages for customers whose birthdays are from the 2nd to the 8th July 2024. This can be applied in conjunction with daily promotions number 5 and 7.

1, The promotions above cannot be applied in conjunction, you can choose only 1 of them.
2, If your order is eligible to get multiple daily promotions and the aggregated discount is greater than your selected promotion above, then the greater discount will be applied.
3, We offer discounts for reservations in advance, free pick-up, and many more. All promotions can be found on our promotion page 🙂


Great experience, relaxing, quiet and peaceful, I love it! Will be back.

Mrs. Nicola McDougall

“You have an excellent team. Everything was amazing!”

Mr. Christopher Mileto

“Pls just keep it”

Mr. Keisuke Ohno

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