Facial treatment

Type of service: Partial body massage and facial skin care

Our facial treatment is a combination of head massage, facial massage, and facial skin care to promote bright and healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. By applying gentle pressure, patting, and stimulating movements to the face and neck area, facial massage can help relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and enhance the health and appearance of your facial skin.

A woman is enjoying facial treatment.

The therapist will:
1. Remove your makeup with cleansing water.
2. Clean your facial skin with facial wash.
3. Use peeling mask to remove dead cells, damaged and hard horny layers on your skin.
4. Gently massage your face with massage cream or yogurt.
5. Apply a sheet mask to nourish your facial skin.
6. Massage your head and shoulder to help you relieve headaches and stress.
7. Apply face serum to provide your skin’s surface with a concentrated amount of efficacious ingredients.

The combination of applying sheet mask, facial massage and head massage will help you:
- Increase blood circulation under your facial skin
- Stimulate the movement of facial muscles
- Tighten skin, release muscle tension in the face
- Increase skin elasticity
- Reduce the appearance of acne
- Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
- Prevent the forming of sagging skin
- Reduce swelling, puffiness and inflammation
- Alleviate the sinus discomfort
- Moisturize your facial skin
- Unclog pores and pulls out the pollutants from the skin
- Relieve stress

Products used in the treatment:
  1. La Roche-Posay cleansing water for sensitive/dry skin.
  2. Simple facial wash
  3. Innisfree peeling mask
  4. The Face Shop massage cream (default choice) or Vinamilk yogurt
  5. The Face Shop sheet mask
  6. Innisfree face serum
  1. By default, massage cream will be used for the facial massage. Please actively inform us (by leaving a note in our reservation form or informing our receptionist directly at the spa) if you want to use yogurt instead of the massage cream.
  2. If yogurt is used for facial massage, in some rare cases, the amount of yogurt used may be more than usual (because of the dim lighting in the service room, which helps you relax more easily but makes it more difficult for the therapists to get and see the correct amount of yogurt), and yogurt (or water from it) can run into your corner of lips/eyes. Our therapists will try to prevent it from happening but please be aware that there may be unexpected exceptions.
  3. The listed price above is for this service and all amenities listed here
  4. This service is available for both adults (both genders) and kids (10+ years old).

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