Four hands massage
(Most special)

Type of service: Full body massage with oil

As the name suggests, a four hands massage incorporates two therapists for massaging the client, this is a highly artistic method of therapy. The flexible, rhythmic movements of 2 therapists using four hands to massage sometimes strong, sometimes soft, and go deep into each muscle as well as acupuncture points make your body have a new energy, a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. It’s just like enjoying an art performance.

A man is enjoying four hands massage.

Two therapists will simultaneously massage a client, while one therapist is focusing on the head and torso, the other therapist will give the same kind of effort on the bottom of the body, they work their hands in a synchronized fashion that is super effective in releasing all the stress and aches that your body has accumulated after a long time.

Due to the 4 handed technique, the whole massage therapy is exceptionally soothing and calming. It is perfect for a person who needs attention concurrently to different body parts for maximum relaxation.

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  2. This service is available for both adults (both genders) and kids (6+ years old).

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