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Special promotion for special days

Discount for the birthday of Nón Spa!

On the occasion of Nón Spa's first birthday anniversary, we are offering multiple promotions from 2nd July to 8th July 2024 🥳 as the following:

- A 15% discount (This can be applied in conjunction with promotions number 5, 6, and 7 in the "Daily promotions" section below) for all services and packages.

- Add 15 minutes of massage when customers order a full body massage service of 60 or 75 minutes, add 30 minutes of massage when customers order a full body massage service of 90 minutes. The additional time is free of charge.

- A 25% discount for customers whose birthdays are from the 2nd to the 8th July 2024 (This can be applied in conjunction with promotions number 5 and 7 in the "Daily promotions" section below) for all services and packages.

1, The promotions above cannot be applied in conjunction, you can choose only 1 of them.
2, If your order is eligible to get multiple promotions in the "Daily promotions" section and the aggregated discount is greater than your selected promotion above, then the greater discount will be applied.


Daily promotions

1. Discount for groups

10% OFF for groups of 2-4 people, 15% OFF for groups of 5 or more people (applicable to all services and packages)

Two happy couples are smiling while wearing Vietnamese conical hats and sitting on a blue sofa in a spa.

2. Discount for service combinations

+10% OFF for customers who use a combination of 2 services, +15% OFF for a combination of 3 services (not applicable to steam bath and packages)


3. Discount in happy hours

+10% OFF for customers who come alone, +5% OFF for customers who come in a group (applicable to all services and packages) in our happy hours (10:00 to 12:00)

Note: As long as your service session begins within our happy hour, you'll receive this offer no matter how long your service session last


4. Discount for kids

Kids with height under 1.4m get 50% discount for all services and packages (not applicable in conjunction with other promotions).


5. Discount for steam bath

Steam bath is free for customers with total service time (per person) is greater than or equal to 90'. In other cases, the price for 15' steam bath is 50.000đ (2$). Please note that our number of steam rooms is limited so this is not always available, you will be given priority if you make a reservation in advance.

* According to our history of operation, most customers decide not to take the steambath (because it takes additional time, or their health condition is not good enough for it, or they just don't like it) even when they are eligible to get it for free and we actively ask them about their desire to use it. Hence, please actively inform us that you want to take a steam bath by specifying your need in our reservation form or by informing our receptionist before your service session starts to make sure that you get it as you expect.

A couple is enjoying steam baths in a modern steam room.

6. Discount when customers make a reservation in advance

+5% OFF for customers who make a reservation 30' or more before coming to the spa.

* Because our number of service rooms is limited, so making a reservation before your arrival is highly recommended to secure your time slot and get the best experience at our spa. Besides, the reservation is free, and if you have to change your plan, you can inform us to reschedule/cancel your reservation anytime. So, don't hesitate to make a reservation, even 2 or 3 months before your arrival 🙂


7. Free pick-up

We offer free pick-up (via ride-hailing service like Grab) for customers with the total price of the services ordered starting at 1.000.000đ (41.66$). The distance covered by the free pick-up is +3 kilometers (cumulative) per 1.000.000đ (41.66$).

Example: If the total price of your ordered services is 1.700.000đ (70.8$), then you get a free pick-up for 5.1 (= 3 x 70.8$/41.66$) kilometers from the spa.

* Please let us know that you would like a free-pickup by leaving a note in our reservation form or contacting us via call/SMS/OTT app (i.e. WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Line, Zalo, Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger) before your coming.


Mysterious surprise

A mysterious surprise is awaiting at the end of your service session, let's come and discover it by yourself 😉


Tip for getting multiple promotions

You may think that it's difficult to get multiple promotions at our spa but in fact, it's very easy 🙂

You can get almost all of our daily promotions (free steam bath, free pick-up, and up to 40% off) just by asking your loved ones to visit us together with you and following the recommendations below.


Before you make a reservation