Body Wrap

Type of service: Body skin care

A body wrap - also known as a ‘body cocoon’ or ‘body mask’ - is a spa treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of the skin, and/or reduce body measurements on a temporary basis. Your body mask contains nourishing oils and mineral-rich natural ingredients that improve and nourish your body’s skin. The wrap will act as a warm layer, promote muscle relaxation and perspiration, purify dirt and toxins, clean pores, recover your skin and make it smooth and healthy.

A woman is enjoying body wrap.

The therapist will apply a mixture of coconut/oat, yogurt (or fresh milk), and nourishing oil to your skin, then gently massage your body for a while to exfoliate, and finally wrap you in a big plastic film to keep you warm and make you sweat.

Body wrap can provide multiple benefits:
- Detoxification
- Temporary weight loss
- Dead skin removal
- Intensive moisturisation
- Encourage skin rejuvenation
- Nourish, smoothen and soften the skin
- Improve circulation
- Relieve stress and tension

  1. The listed price above is for this service and all amenities listed here
  2. This service is available for both adults (both genders) and kids (6+ years old).

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