Chinese menus are now available at Nón Spa

Dear all customers of Nón Spa,

We are pleased to announce that physical Chinese menus are now available at Nón Spa!

Before we only had menus in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean; and because of that, a Chinese customer thought that we didn’t welcome (and respect) Chinese people 🙁 But that’s not true, we always welcome and respect Chinese customers (China and Vietnam are comrades and brothers, as our Ho Chi Minh president said), the problem is only about the number of customers who speak Chinese.

Nón Spa started operating on 2nd July 2023, and at the beginning, we just had a few Chinese customers. We didn’t have many resources at that time either (but many things needed to be set up), so we hope for your understanding.

In the last months, we have had more and more customers (from China mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), who cannot speak English well so we decided to make our menu available in Chinese to serve the customers.

Nón Spa always welcomes and respects all customers from all countries around the world, and that will never change. We will support more languages in the future, and we ask for your patience if our physical menu and our website have not supported your language yet. Everything is on our plan, and we are trying our best to realize it as soon as possible 🙂