Thai massage

Type of service: Full body massage without oil

Thai massage differs in many ways from traditional massage, it directly impacts your acupoints by pressing, stretching, and folding movements to help your body increase blood circulation. In the Thai language, the name for Thai massage is "Nuad bo-rarn". "Nuad" means "massage" and "bo-rarn" means "ancient", so in Thailand, it is an ancient massage. Some people also translate it as "ancient healing way". This therapy is part of traditional Thai medicine. Similar to Chinese medicine, it works with the body's energetic pathways.

A woman is enjoying Thai massage.

In most forms of massage, the therapist uses his/her hands and oil to relax and manipulate your muscles. You typically remove most of your clothing, lie on a massage table, switching between face-down and face-up. In another way, you can leave clothes on for a Thai massage (we have comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that is suitable for the therapy at our spa), your therapist will move your limbs around to stretch joints (hence, this therapy is not suitable for children because their muscles, joints and bones are not fully developed) and gently massage key areas of the body according to traditional Thai medicinal theory without oil.

Thai massage has many benefits:
- Increase range of motion
- Help with back pain
- Reduce headache intensity
- Lower stress
- Decrease joint stiffness
- Improve digestion
- Improve blood circulation
- Improve sleep


  1. This is the Vietnamese version of Thai massage so this is different (compared to the original one) at some points, so if you expect an original Thai massage experience like in Thailand, this will not completely fit your needs.
  2. The listed prices above are for this service and all amenities listed here
  3. This service is only available for adults (both genders).

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