Hot stones massage
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Type of service: Full body massage with oil and hot stones

Hot stones massage is a method of massage using basalt stones, a type of volcanic rock heat preservation, to transmit heat in several locations on your body. The practice of using hot stones for therapeutic purposes has been around for centuries. It’s thought to have originated thousands of years ago from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system that takes a natural and holistic approach to health. Hot stones were popular throughout ancient Asia. About 4,000 years ago, the Japanese used hot stones to warm the abdomen and improve digestion, while about 2,000 years ago, Chinese medicine used hot stones to improve the function of internal organs.

A woman is enjoying hot stones massage.

When the stones have reached the right temperature, the therapist will massage your body with the stones (and oil), then place each pill on important acupuncture points on your body, back, and arms to help relax spirituality, relieve pain and stress by therapeutic heat effect.

Please note that the hot stones are used for massage in 15 minutes only, and this duration is not increased even if the treatment duration is greater than 75 minutes because using hot stones to do massage is similar to sunbathing. Taking a sunbath for a suitable duration will be beneficial for your health, but if you do that for too long, it will cause sunburn. The stones used in the massage are warm/hot (more than sunlight), so if used for too long, they can cause thermal burn. That's why hot stones are used in 15 minutes - the duration that brings you the best health benefits and experience.

Using hot stones in massage introduces the element of heat, which leads to many benefits:
- Reduce tension through heat of the stones
- Relieve chronic pain
- Energize tired muscles after activities
- Reduce muscular soreness
- Decrease joint stiffness
- Reduce inflammation
- Deep relaxation of muscle and nerve fibers
- Improve blood circulation
- Increase lymphatic circulation and therefore aids the elimination of toxins and waste
- Energize the body by stimulation of the Sen, also called Energy Lines
- Relieve mental fatigue and stress
- Boost your immune system
- Improve sleep

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  2. This service is available for both adults (both genders) and kids (6+ years old).

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