We now use massage cream as the default choice for facial massage

Dear customers of Nón Spa,

Based on feedback (in December 2023) from a Korean customer (Mrs. S* Bae), who had an issue while using our facial treatment (the yogurt used for the facial massage ran into the corner of lips and eyes because our therapist used too much yogurt while doing the facial massage), we decided to replace the yogurt (previously the default choice for the facial massage in our facial treatment) by a massage cream product from The Face Shop (a Korean cosmetic brand) from the end of December 2023 to prevent similar issues from happening again in the future.

Massage cream contains less water and has a higher viscosity than yogurt so it will stick to the facial skin better, hence it will not run into the customer’s corner of lips/eyes as the yogurt even when our therapists use them more than usual (the dim lighting in the service room helps you relax more easily but sometimes makes it more difficult for the therapists to get and see the correct amount of yogurt/massage cream). We tested the massage cream on ourselves, it works well for us, and as we have observed, in the last 15 days, nobody of our (both regular and new) customers has had any issues with the new massage cream. 🙂

Although the massage cream now become the default choice for facial massage, we still keep the yogurt as an optional choice for all of our customers. If you prefer yogurt more than massage cream, it is still available for you. You just need to actively inform us about your need by leaving a note in our reservation form or informing our receptionist directly at the spa, and we will prepare the yogurt for your facial treatment.

Many thanks to Mrs. S* Bae for the feedback. To us, the satisfaction of our customers is always one of the most important things, and in some special cases, our quality of service is not perfect, so we are going to continuously improve things within our abilities to bring the best services to our customers.

Additional information: You can see our facial treatment and products used for the treatment in detail here.