We changed the serum used in our facial treatment

Dear all customers of Nón Spa,

Based on feedback from a Russian customer (Ms. Ana*, a woman with sensitive facial skin) in October 2023, who got a small issue after using our facial treatment (Her face gets burned a little bit when the serum is applied as the last step of the treatment, and after that, her facial skin turned light pink for about 2 days. This happens because the used serum has a high concentration of Vitamin C – an ingredient that brings many benefits to our skin – but may make people with sensitive skin get irritated), we decided to replace the used serum with a new one from Innisfree (a Korean cosmetic brand) from the end of October 2023 to avoid similar issues happen again in the future.

The new serum is soother and it is more suitable for multiple kinds of skin (sensitive/dry/oily) than the old one. And as we see, in the last 15 days, nobody of our (both regular and new) customers has had any issues with the new serum. 🙂

We know that 15 days is just a short time and it’s not enough, so we will continue observing to make sure that the new serum from Innisfree is ok for all of our customers.

Many thanks to Ms. Ana*, who did not hesitate to give us feedback because that helped us a lot. To us, health, wellness, and the satisfaction of our customers are always the most important things, and in some special cases, although we tried our best but our quality of service is not perfect, so we are going to continuously improve things within our abilities to bring the best services to our customers.

Additional information: You can see our facial treatment and products used for the treatment in detail here.