Steam bath

Steam bath is a kind of heat bathing - an ancient practice practiced throughout history across many cultures and different countries, continuing today in the Russian banyas, American Indian sweat lodges, and Finnish saunas. The ancient Greeks and Romans regularly used steam bathing and hot springs. Indigenous peoples also used steam and sweating as health practices.

A couple is enjoying steam baths in a modern steam room.

Steam rooms are enclosed spaces that are heated with steam generators. While a sauna may help you relax and loosen your muscles, a steam room may have even further health benefits. The key to the steam room’s unique health benefits is the humidity. Normally, a steam room is heated to between 38 and 43 Celsius degrees and designed to maintain humidity from 95% to 100%, and you just need to sit still and breathe evenly inside a steam room to get all of its benefits.

A steam bath may help you:
- Clear congestion
- Improve your skin health
- Lower blood pressure
- Improve circulation
- Ease bronchitis symptoms
- Recover after workout
- Lower joint stiffness
- Relieve stress
- Open up sinuses
- Burn calories

While there are many benefits associated with a steam room, people should take a steam bath with caution and be aware of the risks. Because of the heat, there is a risk of dehydrating the body, and it is advisable not to spend longer than 15 minutes for a steam bath session. It is also important to drink plenty of water beforehand and afterward.

Exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time can result in burns, cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, heart attack, or even death, so if you feel dizzy, have trouble breathing, or have tightness in your chest while taking a steam bath, leave the steam room right away.

* Due to the high heat in steam rooms, steam bath is NOT suitable for people with special health condition(s), please refer to our “Caution” page for more detailed information.


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